I left fat tire amber ale in the trunk of my car for two months?!


I left fat tire amber ale in the trunk of my car for two months?

it says keep refrigerated, and is a week past the "best before" date. should I drink it?

Blasphemy!!! A Fat Tire deserves better!


You can try it, but it probably will not taste as good as it could. I would be more concerned about the lack of refrigeration....the best before date is merely a range....they have to put something on there.

No. Take it to the store you bought it at and see if you can trade it for a newer one.

i'd drink the crap out of it!..or, do the old survival trick; chill it down, take a sip, wait about 10 minutes and if u're not sick or dead, u're good to go!

Put down the beer, slowly step away, and consider it a loss. How did you forget it in the trunk? You can try it it may be fine or you could just end up with a bad taste in your mouth. Good Luck!!

There is only one way to find out...get it on ice and pop one open. It will not make you sick, but it will taste bad. The good news is that it was not exposed to light. The heat will not help the taste, but you never know.

That is simply beer neglect. I'm calling beer protective services right now.

I would bet its skunked.............don't try it.

I wouldn't do it. It's probably skunked pretty bad. Might as well cut your losses and get a fresh batch.

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