Does Brandy really help you sleep?!


Does Brandy really help you sleep?

Since I suffer from insomnia, which alcoholic drinks should I avoid like the plague, and which ones help you sleep like a baby?

You should avoid ALL alcohol if you are an insomniac!!
I too have insomnia, and have learned the hard way that alcohol will initially make you sleepy, but will later raise your blood pressure making it almost impossible to sleep.
You'd be better off smoking a doobie (not that I advocate drug use).
Avoid alcohol, caffeine, and exercise 6 hours before you want to go to sleep, and maybe you should look at some prescription sleep aids.
Talk to your doctor, because you may have something else wrong that is making it hard to sleep.
Just remember, alcohol is bad, bad, bad for insomniacs!!!!

All alcohol has a barbituate, or "downer" effect. Any of it should cause some drowsiness.

You might want to see if your insomnia is from another cause, thought, before you get hooked on nightcaps.

Drink enough, you will pass out

Alchol actually does not help you sleep better. It may cause you to nod off or pass out if you drink enough, but it does not cause restful sleep.

anything with caffiene, but alcohol is a depressant so most any kind of alcohol would help you sleep. understand though that relying on a chemical substance to help induce sleep can be habbit forming and probably not good in the long run.

The problem with alcohol is that although it is a depressant and will make you go to sleep, it messes up your sleep rhythms and you wind up waking up or being restless later in the night. You really should see your doctor.

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