In New York, can you buy alcohol the day before you turn 21?!


In New York, can you buy alcohol the day before you turn 21?

Not legally



You can buy alcohol in any state when your under 21 it's just the matter of if the guy or girl you asked to buy it for you will get it for you.

No, not unless it's near midnight and the clerk is clueless. It still isn't legal, but it could happen.

21 is 21.

Only way you could buy alcohol before your 21st birthday would be to have a fake id or get someone else to purchase it for you, but technically, that would nhot be buying it yourself.

Also, both are illegal and could get you in trouble, sleep on it and purchase your alcohol in the morning you turn 21.

No. You can, however, buy it on the stroke of midnight when the date officially changes. Don't be surprised though if some bars refuse to do that.

No, you will not be able to purchase alcohol the day before you turn 21. Reason being, you are not 21. The age limit for alcohol is 21, not 20 and 364 days. Many bars and liquor stores will refuse selling to you even if it is after midnight, when you are 21.

not unless you mean at midnight the day before...then i don't see why not..

at 1 minute after midnight you can

no 21 yrs old

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