How long can you keep bacardi rum around before it goes bad?!


How long can you keep bacardi rum around before it goes bad?

My bottle is about 7-8 years old.

Hard alcohol like rum does not go bad in the bottle. It no longer ages once it has been bottled unlike wine and other lower proof alcohols. As long as you keep the temperature of it's surroundings relatively stable and evaporation of the alcohol does not occur, you should be safe.

Bartender for years and the fact that you can still buy, if you can find it, Bacardi rum that was bottled in Cuba before they had to moved to puerto rico in the early 1900's and is still excellent.


i don't think it will go bad as long as you keep the sealed. might even get better with age.

Let me test it and I'll tell you.
Got coke?

It should still be good, as long as no foreign organisms get into the liquor. So if you took a swig from the bottle, it could happen. You can tell by the color, smell, and taste if the rum has gone bad. Rum is a terrible thing to waste

rum? bad? never!

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