Whiskey drinkers of Yahoo, how the hell do you do it?!

Question: Whiskey drinkers of Yahoo, how the hell do you do it?
I've never particularly liked whiskey/scotch/bourbon, and a bad night in college involving all three only set me way back. However I'd like to be able to drink any of these three, as it seems a good social drink to be able to order and sip on.

Basically, how can a person get into whiskey? I've got no problem with vodka and other spirits so I don't get why I just can't do whiskey. I've got a day off today and was hoping to work on this.

Oh feck I can't believe I forgot to mention this. I can drink Canadian Club if it is mixed with ginger ale.


Whiskey Sour.

you don't just go straight when you're not into it.

And it's OK if you just simply don't like whiskey. just as it's OK to prefer pepsi over sprite. If you're good with vodka and such then cool, drink those.

I don't understand why you feel you have to drink it. There's nothing socially unacceptable about drinking something else and you can maintain your own individuality by drinking what YOU like and not just what your friends like. You can sip on anything in a glass, it doesn't have to be these three.

If you have a lot of friends who do drink it, why not learn little known facts about it instead and use the info as a conversation starter. There are websites dedicated to each of these spirits and they're full of information.

I would say two things are to make sure you're having something of good quality. Just because it's Scotch, doesn't mean it's of good quality for instance.

Also if you add a little ice or a little water, it does two things. It reduces the intensity slightly and it opens up the flavour too. This is something some whisky connoisseurs tend to do to get the full range of flavour of a nice whisky.

For me, I started with sweeter hard liquor like Southern Comfort and brandies, until I got used to the strong taste. Now I crave it, and the sweet ones are way too sweet so I guess like a lot of things, it's an acquired taste. I also know that I didn't like them until I was in my 30's.

Try Maker's Mark or Knob Creek. They were the bridge to my liking Jack Daniels which I couldn't drink prior.

Slam it back. Dont think about it.

There is a huge difference between a cheap whiskey and a good whiskey. I would drink Jim Beam and Jack, but I didn’t particularly care for it. I’d mix it with coke. Then my buddy talked me into trying Makers Mark on the rocks. I tried it and I’ve been hooked ever since. Get some Makers, put it on ice – wait a few minutes for the ice to dilute it a bit and bring the proof down, then sip and enjoy. If you want to enjoy what you’re drinking, stop drinking cheap liquor. The next time you are at the liquor store, instead of reaching down to get that next bottle, reach up as high as you can.

Your approach to booze is the same as most young people- get it in you and get as drunk as possible. Cheers to that, but your outlook must be changed to accomplish what you describe in your question.

You are ready to learn how discern booze. Oddly enough, that means, at the onset, drinking as little as possible over as long a period as you can. You are trying to taste the flavors, not chug it. On your day off try taking an half hour to drink a neat ounce. Coat your tongue each sip. You'll start to taste smoky layers, sweet layers, hints of grain, citrus, a weird world you wouldn't think is in there that you completely miss when you slam it. Now do another ounce, this time on the rocks- a complete change in what you taste. Now try another, no ice but with a wee splash of water. By this time you might be warm and sociable, if not, repeat as necessary. In any case it is often about slowing down and enjoying time as it comes, which, again is the opposite of the way most people drink booze.

That's how we do it. We are tasting and enjoying the very complex flavors that are easily missed by the folks who don't like whisky. Once you realize this, it turns from that icky stuff to a relaxing and enjoyable experience that has everything to do with tasting it rather than trying not to.

Good luck boyo! Whisky should be like yer first love, may it find you a boy and leave you a man.

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