Drinking Wine Medicinally?!

Question: Drinking Wine Medicinally?
I have always heard that phrase growing up, I think it was an idea from the "old days". Is it true that drinking red wine has certain medical benefits when you are sick? (besides just making you forget that you are sick...haha)


its full of antioxidants, which help fight cancer
the small amount of alcohol can actually help your heart

it doesn't really help when you are sick, but could help protect you from becoming sick

this is only 1-2 servings (4 ounces per serving) a day though... if you go over that amount, it tips the other way and could be detrimental to your health

Red wines are good for digestion but it should be drink only half a glass and it doesn't do any thing when you are sick it just prevent some diseases like malaria, upset stomach.......

Wine fixes everything! <hic> ;o)

I don't think so !

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