Do you think "Near Beer" is safe for alchoholics?!

Question: Do you think "Near Beer" is safe for alchoholics?
Near Beer is safe for alcoholics?

I know that it does have a little bit of alcohol in it, but it is certainly a better thing
for an alcoholic to drink (than regular beer), which is surely what I'd end up doing w/o drinking NA beer.


An alcoholic should not, cannot, drink anything with alcohol in it, including near beer, mouthwash, Nyquil, etc. Compromising your health and sobriety is not worth drinking fake beer, or something like Margarita mix without the tequila.

Living sober means avoiding situations that can trigger you to drink. And drinking fake beer will make you miss the buzz you got from real beer. Stick to water, diet soda, fruit juice, and seltzer.

You can do this, and I wish you much, much luck and health.

While I wouldn't consider it actually drinking, I wouldn't recommend it. Seems like trying to get as close to drinking as possible without actually drinking, that may or may not affect your willpower, but personally I wouldn't want to get that close to temptation.

To a point. If one suffers from alcoholism they are best to not drink anything alcoholic.

depends on the person, but in general i would say NO

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