What are the triggers of someone becoming an alcoholic?!

Question: What are the triggers of someone becoming an alcoholic?
a long time friend of mines was brutally beaten and robbed by some neighborhood kids when he was 14 yrs old. Fast foward 15 years later he is a full blown alcohol. He has severe trust issues and is very skeptical of anyone who is nice to him. He did come from a very loving family though. Oh and he did 3 tours in iraq so that be a reason. He never ever has received professional counseling.


He has a lot of pain , and alcohol helps ease this pain. Been there. Counseling is the best route to understanding and dealing with what's eating him alive. The alcohol is an outward manifestation of what's poisoning his psyche.

One trigger is anything the person doesn't want to handle, and the other is everything else.

The word "need". As in "I need a beer." "I need a drink".

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