my mother drinks an entire bottle of wine on her own every friday, saturday and sunday is this safe?!

Question: My mother drinks an entire bottle of wine on her own every friday, saturday and sunday is this safe?
my mother drinks an entire bottle of wine by herself without sharing it with others every friday, saturday an sunday sometimes it is those 3 bottles of wine she has on the weekends other times it is 2 bottles of wine and a 375 ml's botle of vodka or 2 750 ml's bottles of wine and 1 1 liter bottle of sweet liqueur and this is done weekend after weekend after weekend, she has the weekdays off but I am not sure if that helps much is my mother gonna die if she keeps up this habit???


it's her life.

you can mention that it bothers you and you are concerned, but don't harp on her about it. If it becomes a real problem and she is hurting herself or others maybe an intervention is in order.

i want to hang out with your mom, i just want drink a bottle of vodka with her, i won't have sex with her or anything lol...if you didn't notice this ur mom probably has problems about her life, she doesn't want u 2 know, so she drinks until she drops

btw, tell her to stop, tell her i want you to stop drinking because i might drink an probably end up like u, u might get slap so
once you see her drinking every weekend, you'll be influence 2 drink like ur parents...u will be in influence and it will be in the matter what you will try new things, trust me, your friends, family or cousins will influence you 2 drink alcohol or smoke weed/cigarettes

if you don't believe, you'll find out in the near future

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