What is a good, pretty inexpensive champagne or sparkling wine?!

Question: What is a good, pretty inexpensive champagne or sparkling wine?
I always drank vintage Dom Perignon courtesy of my dad. My supply is now depleted and I just googled my favorite and discovered a nasty little $300 price tag. I'm in college and have to save up for medical school next year, so I definitely don't have that kind of cash to spend on it, since it's definitely not a priority in my life.
I've just always drank whatever my parents had, and it seems they have rather expensive tastes. Apparently so do I, as I had whatever the typical college sparkling wine is and was completely convinced it tasted like sewer water.
Does anyone know something that would taste comparable to what I'm used to for around $50 or less?


If your used to Dom Perignon, i am jealous. Dont think even think about buying cooks. I would recommend on going to a Trader Joes if you have one in your area. They have great deals on a lot of great champagne, sparkling wine, prosecco and wines

English sparkling wines regularly beat the likes of Dom Perignon in worldwide competitions. Over here they cost from around £20 a bottle - say $30 - but I do know that they are not easy to get hold of in the USA. I just drive the five miles to my nearest vineyard, of course! Unfortunately, although sparkling wine is a British invention, our climate does mean that our production levels are relatively low.

You could try contacting some of the English producers to see whether they export to the USA.



You really know how to get people on your side just begging to help you, don't you.
Try Cook's Sparkling. *drops tear*

Asti Spumante

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