im going to ireland! what should i drink?!

Question: Im going to ireland! what should i drink?
hey guys! im going to ireland soon im 18 and i can drink over there. what are some great drinks to have? not bitter or tart or too strong im talkin really really good. thanks!


I guess no trip to Ireland's complete without sampling "Guiness" (can be a bit of an acquired taste)

Then I suppose there's also "Caffrey's" or "Murphy's"..... though never tried them personally……

Non-beer drinks that spring to mind..........

Bushmills Irish whiskey - they've been making the stuff since at least 1608…
(drink either neat or water it down with lemonade)

Magner's cider is another drink brand native to Ireland

Check out The Porterhouse in the Temple Bar area: see… Last time I was there they did a great taster tray of various beers (ales, lagers, stouts). Some brewed on the premises too. Lovely! And as a bonus there's normally some really good live music in the evenings too.

As far as native Irish drinks.


Smithwicks (pronounced smith-icks)

Bulmers (Magners if you are up North) (about 5%)

Most Irish people drink european lagers and beers, such as Heineken, Carlsberg,

woman drink Murphy's stout.

Ale or cider

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