Cheap rum Your ratings?!

Question: Cheap rum Your ratings?
On a scale of 1-10 . what do u think of Admiral Nelson . Or please tell me some other good cheap rum


ha hey love to see admiral nelson on here.

ok so they got 2 main kinds, the regular gold colored Admiral Nelson which i would give a 5 or something.
The other, if you can find, is the Admiral Nelson spiced rum which i would really give a solid 9, based on what u get for the price

It's got a good spiced flavor and a hint of vanillia to it, not bad for mixing

I got this recommended to me by the owner of the liqour store i always go to, i was buying captain morgan and he was telling me that it was comparable and cheaper, an honest thing for the guy that owns the place to say

def better than Port Royal, a cheap rum that shows up everywhere

I have only had their spiced rum (70 proof / 35% abv) In a mixed drink,
I am unable to notice a difference in taste between that and CM, but in
colour it is slightly different, a rum drinker will probably notice that IMO

personal consumption

captain morgan

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