help a brotha out with detoxifying his body?!

Question: Help a brotha out with detoxifying his body?
i know the basics for cleaning a certain illegal substance out of my body, like drinking lots or water/cranberry juice, exercising, and waiting, but i need something i can use in case of an emergancy drug test. something cheap, and available at a grocery store, or at gnc would be very good. i found this… and was wondering if it would were for cleaning thc out of the blood quickly.


Drug tests are designed to detect drugs in the bloodstream. If there were an easy way to fool the test then everyone would use it - until a new test was designed. If you choose to use illegal substances then you must accept that you will have to pay the price it you're caught.

Your comments about the benefits of marijuana might well be true - but if it is illegal where you live then there's not a lot you can do about it - apart from going to live in a country where it is not illegal or simply not using it.

Lemon juice and water are pretty good at cleansing as well. Squeeze half to one lemon in every glass of water that your drink. It helps to re purify your system at a steady rate. Also, fresh parsley, contains a huge amount of solid nutrients.

I use this great thing called abstinence.

should have thought of that before you went and did this to your body....

now you should deal with the consequences.

no it doesn't work

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