what do i do if im drunk and i need to be at work in half an hour?!

Question: What do i do if im drunk and i need to be at work in half an hour?
i need to go to work and im drunk if i show up drunk il get fired but if i dont go il be fired


you need to call in sick. they cant fire you because you call in sick.

you might get a dwi or oui if you drive ..

chalk it up to experience. and call in if they fire you then take it on the chin.

Sounds like your only option is to call in sick and face the consequences, if any. Showing up drunk will get you fired, and showing up without calling will get you fired. Pick up the phone before it's too late.

Immediately call in sick. Take as much time as you need to fully recover.

Working in management, had to fire employees who tried to work drunk.

you can give up drunk il,than you can devolop good drunk habit!

Take the bus. Eat as much as you can.

you would have gotten fired, just how my boyfriend lost all his jobs back when he was an idiot.

rehabbed boyfriend

drink milk and eat bread!

drink milk! :p

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