If a kid asks you to buy cig's or alchohol outside a shop...?!

Question: If a kid asks you to buy cig's or alchohol outside a shop...?
If a kid offers you money to buy cigarettes or alcohol for them what do/would you do. (assuming you were old enough to buy it).

I would accept their money, talk the cashier if there is a back exit, and sneak through the back exit.

Note: This question is a joke, just answer what would you do if a kid asks you.


I would politely decline to buy them alcohol and wish them luck. Stealing is worse than buying a kid alcohol. And there is usually no back exit to the store.

Well, I wouldn't steal their money, no matter that they are stupid enough to hand it over to a stranger. I would refuse, and tell them they are much too young to drink/smoke.


Ignore them, but make a physical note to myself, so as to describe
that kid to a store employee / manager + have them call the police.

Take the money buy the stuff and start to drink and smoke in fornt of them and say don't start drinking or smoking

I'd do it but only if I can take half the goodies as a tax. Call it an underage tax.

I would take their money, tell them they shouldn't be using alcohol, and run.

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