What can I do? I don't like drinking water?!

Question: What can I do? I don't like drinking water?
This has been a problem for me for sooo long. I've never liked drinking water that much, but I know that I used to anyways. I would drink water bottles and such when I was younger but now, at 14, the thought of even drinking water makes me gag. I honestly don't know why, maybe because of the fact that it doesn't have a taste.. or the texture or something.. I'm not sure. I've tried switching to flavoured water and it still doesn't appeal to me. Though, I like it a LOT more than water itself.. is flavoured water okay? Will it still clean out the toxins in my body and keep me healthy? Lately I've been worried about my acne and that I'm gaining weight.. I just think that me only drinking iced-tea and milk throughout the day is what's causing it. I don't think going to talk to a doctor about it would help at all.. I was in the hospital when I was younger already. Please help :S!


You're getting lots of water from sources that you probably haven't even thought about. You can put lemon juice or lime juice, or both, into your water. Or you could drink any type of tea. Orange juice has lots of water in it too. Sugarfree Koolaid is mainly water. Watermelon is loaded with water. You get water from just about anything. It's even in your vegetables and fruits. Prepared rice and mashed potatoes have water in them. So, you don't have to just drink straight water all the time.

If by flavoured water you mean Kool Aid that is bad for your teeth. Try something
with flavour but that won't do as much harm, concentrated lime juice for instance.

Oh and .. yahoo has a NON alcoholic drink section, for which this is appropriate.

Water doesn't really have a "texture".

And try drinking it ice cold, or even warm water with honey and lemon. Those are Natural additions..

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