Your opinion about two IPAs?!

Question: Your opinion about two IPAs?
I would consider myself a beer nut and was just extending this question to some fellow IPA drinkers. Which is the better IPA: Rogue Yellow Snow or Stone IPA? I myself will say Rogue because of the tartness in the beer and Stone's IPA having a slightly watery mouthfeel (but still a fine brew), However Im looking to see what y'all think and why, with these beers being somewhat similar. Always looking forward to the opinions of fellow beerheads.


Sadly I am not sufficiently well-versed in US IPAs, good though many of them are. But of those I have tried I very much like Goose Island IPA and, from Canada, Phillips Double IPA.

I have not had Rogue Yellow Snow, however Stone IPA is a very good one.

I tried Great Divide Hercules Double IPA last nite and highly recommend it.

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