Getting platys for 10 gallon stocking idea?!

Question: Getting platys for 10 gallon stocking idea?
I haven't neccesarily been doing lots of research so I was hoping u guys can help me out:)

I know platies full length is 2.5-3in but I have a plan don't worry just answer my questions below please.........

Getting 10 gallon aquarium with hood and light

5 Platies..... Maybe 3 guppies
water conditioner
2 gravel
1 ornament
amonia test kit
air pump
fish food
....... Other tips or info????
Thanks in advance:) love y'all


Platys and Guppies are both live bearers (eggs hatch inside female and fry are born live) and the adults are cannibalistic. You will want some dense foliage for the babies to hide in. Real or plastic is fine.

Platys are easy fish to raise. YOu have done more then what I would.
You realize you are on the food section. are you planning to cook them. They are small and hard to fillet.

Amazing! Is that what you want? best place ever.

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