Best wine to pair with sushi?!

Question: Best wine to pair with sushi?
Hello, I was wondering what the best white wine is to pair with sushi.


I don't think everyone actually read your question. You didn't ask what wine. You asked what WHITE wine - lol

I would recommend a dry (or slightly off dry) riesling or a gewurtztraminer if you want a white table wine, but some of the fattier fishes may chew through the wine. Dry Creek Fume Blanc is one of the few I've had that can stand up to the textures and fattiness of some of the fish in sushi so it's a good choice. It's got enough body to hold its own. You may want to consider an extra dry or brut champagne or sparkling wine. Typically that's going to be the best pairing.

Sushi is so different from piece to piece, so a lot depends on whether you favor richer fish, spicy tuna rolls and whether you add stronger flavors like natto or wasabi along with the sushi.

Beer and sake are natural compliments, but I'm not a fan of either. I'm a wine lover :) The effervescence of the sparkling wines does a great job cleansing the palate between pieces of sushi so I am a fan of that pairing. It will also cut through the heat of wasabi and the fattiness of the oilier fishes better than anything other than beer. Sake compliments because of the yeast (sparkling wines have a natural yeastiness) and beer has that yeastiness plus the effervescence. So... for wine lovers, go with a sparkler :)

Edit: For those of you who said white wine "of course" etc... try a decent pinot noir next time you have sushi. Mirassou Pinot Noir is a good value for the dollar choice. Give that a try with some of the fattier fish choices... the tuna and salmon and crab etc. I think you'll be stunned at how well a red wine can go with sushi. I know I was first time I tried it - lol

Well, in Japan, most people would drink beer with sushi, rather than wine. Or they might go with sake, of course.

But if you want a western wine, go with white, of course. Of the common white wines, I think you might enjoy sauvignon blanc or pinot blanc. The sweeter wines, like riesling and pinot grigio would not work with most sushi.

But if you want to try something exotic, consider a gewurztraminer. The French style of gewurztraminer is dryer than the German type (or the ones from Oregon), and that's what I would stick to. Gewurztraminer is one of the few wines that pairs well with spicy food, do if you use a lot of wasabi with your sushi, a gewurztraminer from France would make an interesting match.

For most people, however, sauvignon blanc or pinot blanc are good, reliable wines that are available in many price ranges. I hope this helps.

Definitely a white wine. It really depends on the type of sushi and whether you are serving it as an appetizer or tapas. The tastes of your guests should also play a role. Maybe serve a dry and a sweet wine, if you are not sure, and ask their preference, or leave both bottles on the table next to the glasses if you have it buffet style. You can always ask the advice of your sushi chef also. They are quite well trained and educated in serving tips for sushi, as well as making them. Good luck! Bon apetit!

Oddly enough, the absolute best wine I've ever had with sushi is McManus Merlot. It's a lovely red wine with a lot of butter overtones. It's mild enough that it doesn't overpower milder fish, and it's full-bodied enough to stand up to stronger fish. It's all I drink with sushi anymore.

10 years of eating sushi and drinking wine with it.

I would go with a Champagne or other sparkler. If you prefer a still wine, I would recommend a Viognier, Gewurztraminer, or a Riesling.


I am a wino.


well sake of course..nice warm sake with a delicious piece of sushi is hard to beat!

i agree with joe ..white wine

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