Does age effect how drunk you will get?!

Question: Does age effect how drunk you will get?
would the same weight 2 people who drink the same amount, but one is younger, get the same amount of drunkness?(lol)


Age no, depends how much you've had in the past days and how much you weigh an how much food is in your belly.

I think it depends on what is on that person's unconcscious mind. The Id takes over the ego and superego when people are drunk. I assume the older you are the more expierenced drunk you are compared to some one younger. Guess it would be hard to adequetly test "how good of a time?partier you are". Also I had a Pyschology teacher who convinced his roommate back when he was in college that he got completley wasted. His roommate convinced himself later to find out that he was drinking apple juice the entire night.

Minoring in Psychology

the younger person lacks experience and perhaps has worse judgment as a result. Youth can get a little too enthusiastic, and might do something stupid.

I think it depends more on weight and how they handle their alcohol. I would assume a younger person would get drunk faster, but that's not entirely true.

Age has nothing to do with intoxication.


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