Whitch Don Julio Tequila is better dark or clear?!

Question: Whitch Don Julio Tequila is better dark or clear?
Cuz i jus bought the dark one and its 20$ more


They're both good. The clear is more for shots and in mixed drinks,
whereas the Anejo (seems to be what you got) is more for sipping.

I have family in Mexico so naturally a bit of an expert on tequila. :-)

Hi Meg,
Cheap tasting Silver Tequilas (clear) are usually mixed for Margaritas or juice. Don Julio is more premium; you can sip them and appreciate the flavour of the Blue Agave cactus that it's made from.
I like the darker A?ejos myself; they're more mellow and delicious to my taste.
But what is better to me might be just awful to others. There's no answer except personal taste!

Who cares? With that extra twenty, you could have bought a bottle of Cuervo. Oh yea, pour me one while you're at it.


i don't always drink Don Julio Tequila, but when I do, it's dark.

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