Do all brands of beer taste the same to you?!

Question: Do all brands of beer taste the same to you?
All of them, except Heineken, taste the same to me, because I drink alcohol only occasionally, and generally choose the brand of beer that is cheapest at the time.


Different styles of beer taste different. If all you've had is something from the mega-breweries (BMC), then all you've had is an American Pilsener (aka Yellow Fizzy Beer). And they all taste roughly similar. So, if that is the style of beer you prefer (and for many this is the definition of 'beer'), then just buy whatever is on sale or whoever has the biggest breasts in their commercials.

For purposes of competition, the Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) recognizes about 80 different styles. Craft breweries might have up to a dozen different styles in circulation at any point in time, depending on their brewing capacity.

Get adventurous. Try an IPA, a Russian Stout, a Baltic Porter, a French Saison, a Belgian Wit. You might not like all of them, but you'll find that all 'beer' does not taste the same. Break the shackles of the megabreweries.

C'mon in! The beer is fine!

Homebrewer and beer nerd.

After the first 5 or 6, they do all taste the same, or is that just my taste buds giving up ;)

I used to drink Stout and Cider, then switched to Lager, so back then there was a definite taste difference...

But then you are asking about BRANDS, not the different types. People with more sensitive taste buds will notice more differences, I feel that my taste buds are not over sensitive, so that's probably why I don't notice much differences these days.

Hi, i 'm not a beer drinker but i asked my husband and he said all beer taste the same to him, I rather some wine once in a while.

Heineken is one of the worst tasting beers IMO. Maybe that is why it is distinct to you.

My personal fav is Warsteiner.

Try a Guinness and a Miller Light, and then re-ask the question. : )

no they do not
i drink lite beer
and for example if i had a Guinness i would hate it ..

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