Is it ok to drink beer when your constipated?!

Question: Is it ok to drink beer when your constipated?
Perhaps it will help push it out? I find beer makes me go, but I am currently constipated and want to drink a few beers. Do you think it will be ok or will it just bloat me and make it worse? Thanks


Hey B Ron,

Short Term:
Attack from top and [pardon the pun] bottom. 3 Senakot tablets orally and Microlax at the other end. Both available from chemists.

Long Term:
Bran for breakfast every morning, you can mix it with other cereal for variety. Wholemeal bread rather than white. You will do it through the eye of a needle without touching the edges! Lots of Fibre.

Re. Beer:
Alcohol dehydrates you so regretfully I would suggest that you reduce your intake until your constipation is fixed. Yeah I know it will give you the poos,


It will have no effect. Eat some nachos with it, with lots of salsa, that may help. Liquids themselves have no effect on constipation, because the liquids are drawn out early in the process and sent to the kidneys. Eat lots of fibre, it will retain some water throughout the digestive process, and will help with your problem.

Actually, the alcohol may aggravate the situation b/c it will dehydrate you. And the other thing is it will sedate muscles when you need them working . If you have a laxative, take the minimum and drink about a quart of water.

It wont help the constipation.

it you want to become unconstipated eat lots of fruit and drink water while you are drinking your beer.

Budweiser has a reputation of unconstipation. Some call Bud, butt wiper.

Drink a 6 pack of Miller and take a couple of Dolclax pills you will be a new man by morning!

A box of exlax, chocolate, and cheep bear or that steal reserve beer. That's potent. Dont travel to far from the john.

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