What would be good to mix with it?!

Question: What would be good to mix with it?
My 21st birthday party is tomorrow. It's a white trash theme, so I decided it'd be perfect to mix Squeeze-It fruit juices with liquor. I don't like vodka because I think it tastes like rubbing alcohol. What would you suggest?


Rum is great for fruit juice, like a "planter's punch" Although it wouldn't be white trash, it is a rather sophisticated drink.

You are absolutely right about the vodka, but then that would be the reason it would be perfect for trashy people, because trashy people drink vodka.

But no one is going to enjoy it.

Another great mixer would be New Amsterdam Gin. But again, not very trashy.

You can't really have something that tastes good, and also be trashy.

You could mix the juice with cheap beer and make a trashy person's "wine cooler"

Have you ever tried flavored vodka? UV blue is good, UV grape is good..UV Apple is good. And mixed with a similar fruit juice it would really bring out the yummy-ness of it! =D

Happy Birthday!

tequila or gin


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