what would be the major reason for you to smoke cigarettes, if you are a smoker?!

Question: What would be the major reason for you to smoke cigarettes, if you are a smoker?

1:Release Stress:
people think that smoking is the best way to release stress but it actually do not.

2:attraction from society:
mostly young generation attract from the company in which they spend more time.

3:just have no other thing to do and start smoking for the time pass.
best way to quit smoking is the start electric cigarettes smoking without any health disease risks.
no fire, tobacco, and real smoke in it. but just like real smoking

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I don't habitually, but I do semi-often. I mean, when I drink or smoke weed I typically do. Or if somebody just offers me one I sometimes do socially.

I like it though, I like breathing in smoke in general and it gives a fun little buzz. It isn't worth it though, I recommend you don't try it even though I haven't been addicted. I can feel how unhealthy it is when I do smoke

What is the major reason you kids think cigarettes fall under the same category as "Beer, Wine and Spirits"?

If I feel anxious or nervous I do, plus my addiction.
And especially after I eat I ALWAYS need one.

Bronchitis and severe sinusitis suck. Don't smoke.


Nerves/ Stress/ Work. Nicotine cravings...

I like it.

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