how do you know if your buzzed or drunk?!

Question: How do you know if your buzzed or drunk?
when is the point of drunk? when i drink a lot my finger tips and tongue go numb and i cant walk strait (dizzy) but i can think normally i just cant see or talk so i usually tell them not to talk to me because of this. Friends call this being buzzed but i can think normally is this being buzzed? lol people that i asked call it buzzed but i can think normally im the "good conscience" people say lol ^^ could it be i have a high tolerance for alcohol. iv heard when your buzzed you are dizzy and act different so to get drunk is it the next stage of what i feel ...i want to know for i know when to stop before getting there.

i know stupid question just wander on a random topic:)

ow if your wandering i have ....a couple more month before i am legally allowed to drink -__- iv never been drunk and im very cautious on passing that fine line on being drunk and "buzzed" thank you for your answers


Buzzed is generally you feel the physical effect of alcohol but it isn't mentally impairing you, so you feel relaxed. Drunk is the point where you start to slur, you aren't as alert or keen, usually your friends can tell before you can. The point where you start to tell people you are drunk and can notice it, you are officially shitfaced.

I don't know, but it is just as illegal to drive/be buzzed as it is to drive/be drunk. You probably shouldn't be drinking btw, if you're not of age, and especially not getting buzzed.

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