Is Redbull unhealthy for someone my age?!

Question: Is Redbull unhealthy for someone my age?
**I'm 15**

I've also heard of this energy drink called Monster...


Both are unhealthy and unnecessary at your age. Furthermore neither has alcohol.

You are in the booze section toots, which at 15 you are too young to be a part of. :)

Notice on the label where it says CAUTION FOR ADULTS ONLY. Its been know to cause increase heart rate and cardiac arrest resulting in death in ADULTS so at 15 its like playing chicken with a bus.

Redbull is unhealthy for anyone.

You will be OK, just don't drink more than 1 per day and also try and not drink a can quickly.

nope stay away from that stuff. You're 15 you shouldn't drink that. Drink water it's more healthier.


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