Is White Zinfandel considered white or red wine?!

Question: Is White Zinfandel considered white or red wine?

White Zinfandel is a blush wine.

Rosé wines, also known as blush wine, is a wine that is somewhere in color between a white wine and red wine. While they can vary in color from pink wine, to salmon, to light red, rose wine doesn't quite fall into either the white or red spectrum.

In general, rosé wines are meant to be fresh, refreshing and tasty wines that are not too serious. By that we mean that while most blush wine is not as deep or complex as the best white or red wines, they are all about simple pleasure and definitely deserve a place in your wine drinking repertoire.

The Zinfandel grape is a red grape. When making a Zinfandel wine they use the whole grape, skin and all. In essence, to make a white zinfandel the winemaker peels the red skins off the red zinfandel grapes. Without those skins, the resulting wine is light in color, sweet in flavor and without the harsh / rich flavors found in red wines. This is how blush wines are made.

neither, it comes from the zinfandel grape which is neither white or red. There is also a rose' which is also made from the zinfandel grape.

Zinfandel is it's own class, neither red nor white.

You answered your own question.

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