Should one drink alcohol prior to surgery?!

Question: Should one drink alcohol prior to surgery?
Not really surgery eh, but getting staples removed that were put there
following a head injury. You know, so as to numb the pain somewhat.


No!! You can die silly! Also, Alcohol increases the risks of complications and slows down the recovery process. If you already drunk alcohol, tell your doctor before surgery mmkay? Hey, I think that I've answered one of your questions before. I hope that you left that girl because she was using you and also possibly crazy (I'm thinking bi-polar). Anyways, you seem so cute that you'll find another girl fast :)



Sorry that my English isn't too good, I'm from France. Ok, that's the last time that I edit. I swear!

Oh, I forgot to add my sources. sooo...
sources: I'm majoring in nuerology/pre-med. I'm going to be a brain surgeon. Why don't you make it easier for the surgeons now. You don't want them to get sued do you?

you don't drink the alcohol you drink the alcohol limit

Alcohol thins blood dummy do you want to be gushing during your surgery?

No. Alcohol could thin your blood.

alcohol is a blood thinner...

Thinned blood during surgey.... you be the judge.

it wont hurt to get the staples out


That's all that needs to be said really

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