Effects of drinking every night for 1+ year?!

Question: Effects of drinking every night for 1+ year?
What are the effects on the body after getting 'drunk' every night for over a year? We are not talking a glass of wine, this is actual drunkenness, occasionally to the point of inducing a blackout.

Anyone know the effects after a year? On the pancreas, liver, heart, etc? Any or all of this information is much appreciated.


You would be uglier then a person who just came out of jail after 23 years and your liver would probably be very small, almost weak from all that poison.

People usually are considered to have alcaholic problems if their doing it for more than a month.

You'd be what they call in the medical business "****** up" in a few months if that. You'd destroy yourself from the inside out. Say goodbye to your liver and kidneys and hello to a big belly. And you'd lose part of your brain. Long story short ;)


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