If you had a "flask", what would you put in it?!

Question: If you had a "flask", what would you put in it?
*I only use mine when I'm camping.
It's less conspicuous than most other alcohol containers,
for places that say "no alcohol allowed".


I do have a flask & use it mostly for Rum. My "good" whiskey stays in a glass decanter.

A loooooooooooot of Niksicko beer !!! Look at my picture and you will realise...


Probably coconut rum, and bring OJ or pineapple juice. I don't care much for liquor. I've hiked a case a beer, plus ice, for five miles from the parking lot to the campsite.

a pina colada and put a flower in my hair then wherever i am, and no matter how cold it is, i will be in the bahamas ;)

Keep out of those places and join in on the binge places with no restrictions. You are out to get drunk anyway.

Or don't bring alcohol and see what will happen.

A flask is not a flask until it has had some Whiskey in it!!

my shrunken ex

"home made" absinthe
jim bean

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