How do tabacco companies stay in business?!

Question: How do tabacco companies stay in business?
Where do all their new customers come from?


kids who smoke under age really because who smokes when it's legal unless they started earlier have you ever seen or heard some one go i am at the legal age to smoke now i will buy some.

Part of it is the advertising. People in general do what they are told to do, especially if the telling has a lot of sexual inuendo attached.
The other part is the extremely addictive additives that are used in the manufacture of cigarettes and cigars. IDK about pipe tobacco and chewing tobacco/snuff but I suspect (having tasted chewing tobacco) that the addictive ingredients are also present there.
Their new customers are those of ages from extremely young (I have seen children of 5 or 6 smoking cigarettes) through mid-thirties who try it because it "looks cool" and become trapped in the cycle of addiction both physical and mental.
NOTE: Smoking does NOT make one look "cool", it makes the smoker look like a fool.
NOTE 2: Big tobacco is as dirty and underhanded as big oil and/or the politicians.

From lower class teenagers who want to be cool because their friends smoke.

AND...because nicotine is the most highly addictive substance known to man. I've tried to quit countless times and I can't. I'm desperate to quit.

Asians smoke the most; mostly men, but they smoke like fiends. Every Asian country I've been to, everywhere you see men smoking. China is trying to do something about it, but they're not succeeding.

Tobacco companies are now focusing all the marketing campaigns in Asia.

They don't get many new customers but the old ones are addicted to the nicotine in the tobacco and they just want more and more and more. But the companies are losing out as more and more people see sense and begin to quit.

Well, I can't speak for 'tabacco' companies

But tobacco companies stay in business because smoking makes you cool

The same reason telemarketers stay in business, there are always going to be stupid people who buy from them.

By going out to Mali and giving out free cigarettes to 15 year old Western tourists so that they become addicted to them.

How do casinos stay in business - there is always going to be idi0ts!

25.9 million men are smokers and 20.7 millions women and you ask how they stay in business?

When a mommy and daddy love each other very much....

birds n bees

Cause a shitload of people still smoke, and teens are still starting...alot of them

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