'dutch courage' and drinking to make me more 'natural' when socialising out and about question?!

Question: 'dutch courage' and drinking to make me more 'natural' when socialising out and about question?
ok im kind of nervous when im in a nightclub or a buisy pub and i feel as though this makes me act a bit 'out of place' so i generally drink pretty fast to overcome this and it like makes me 'in the zone' so i can 'go with the flow' if you get what i mean ........ but my question is .... i drink around 8 pint in a night out in a socially crowded place , i need to drink fast and keep it going or i just 'don't feel right' its as if i just want to be out of there if not ..... but the thing is i can easily out drink my group of friends and i have to buy my own rounds because they cant keep up ..... and this is seeming a bit of bother to me

is this abnormal ....... could i have a problem????


You need to gain more confidence in yourself and self esteem, you need to think of other ways of doing this rather than drinking.
I personally like a drink too when I am socialising, but I think it may become a problem if you went up the bar between rounds for myself. Try to pace yourself a bit.

At least you are aware of the situation.. so stop it becoming a problem. Also I drink quite fast, but find when Im chatting it slows down, when your on your own getting in the zone it doesn't seem quite right. Try slowing down and talking more, and keeping to your friends pace, see how it goes.

Think about why you are feeling 'out of place' in a nightclub or a pub.
You are there with your friends to have a good time.
Does downing eight pints help you have a good time or just get you drunk so that maybe you ruin your friends good time because of your words or actions.

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