Im 16, female with a 3 day hangover HELP?!?!

Question: Im 16, female with a 3 day hangover HELP?!?
Im 16 years old and female i love nothing more than having a good night out with my friends i can handle my drink and i normally have a bottle of vodka to myself every friday or saturday night but last saturday sharing this with one of my female friends we drank a bottle of apple vodka, normal vodka, peach schnapps, apple sours, malibu, some shots, and some sambuka. its now tuesday and i still feel quite hungover my head is killing me it hurts too look at day light and even hurts to move my eyes, my ears feel quite sensitive and blocked & i have lost my appetite. my friends stomach is hurting her allot and she keeps getting really sweaty. Is this something more serious or is it just a really bad hangover please help?! and if its a hangover how much longer do you think it will last because i cant cope! all i can say is im not drinking ever again or at least for a very long time.


Just reading all of what you consumed makes me woozy. Sometimes it takes something like that to make a person wise to the dangers of over consumption. Now you will be a sensible drinker if you drink at all.
I don't know if it was the combination of drinks or one of the vodkas had gone bad. The combination of sugar and alcohol could be the culprit.
I hope that you both feel better soon.

People don't realise that alcohol is actually quite a powerful poison; and you've been busy poisoning your body beyond the point where it can cope. As with any poison that hasn't actually killed you, your body needs time to recover. Your friend should see a doctor; she might have internal bleeding. You should be drinking a lot of water to rehydrate your system and flush the poison out of your blood and tissues - that banana shake with honey that somebody else mentioned would be good too - and while you can certainly drink again after a while, maybe you've learned that drinking that amount is a sure sign of physical and mental immaturity. Mature drinkers get just as happy on much much less, and feel fine the next day too.

Life, of course! need to stop while you are still alive.

I have never tried this, as I really don't drink in excess........but, it is worth a try.

Cure for Hangovers

Hangovers: One of the quickest ways of curing a hangover is to make a banana milkshake, sweetened with honey. The banana calms the stomach and, with the help of the honey, builds up depleted blood sugar levels, while the milk soothes and re-hydrates your system.

lol thats what usually happens >> get a hang over xD
you just to much alcohol and u brains trying to get back to normal ( it takes o2 away) just leave it a week...... dont drink so much and then it wont happen x
By the way <3 malibu xD


Wow... that's pretty bad... your body is trying to tell you to stop poisoning yourself. It will wear off, but you definitely should cut back on your drinking, a lot.

you should'nt be drinking in the first place


you're 16 and you drank all that ****?

I'm 18 and I just started drinking.

I thought I drink a lot! lol It's just a nasty hangover,no wonder after that cocktail you had.

just have a drink that will get rid of it

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