can you age store bought liquor?!

Question: Can you age store bought liquor?
want to know if i bought liquor from a store if i can age it myself?


The first answer is mostly right, but if you are ok with initially spending some money, you can buy a small oak barrel and pour the liquor you want to age into it. I suggest reading up on the aging process as you may need to season the barrel for the flavor you want. This will even work with a home-brewed beer, but the start-up cost associated with that is fairly hefty ($150-$200).…

My father in law purchased a bottle of scotch for his son (my brother in law) on the day he was born, and gave it to him as a wedding present, he was 27 when he got married.

Didn't taste any different than a current version of the same scotch, it was Chivas by the way.

When you see a beverage that's been aged for x years, those years were spent in a wooden barrel. Be aware that if you store booze in a wooden barrel there will loss due to evaporation.

Wine is the easiest thing to improve with age. Buy reasonably good red wines when they are young and store them in the bottle in a temperature controlled place such as a basement. Store them such that the cork stays wet. Lay a good red wine down for 7-10 years and can become a great red wine. Aging doesn't do anything for white wine. Those need to be consumed within a year or two of bottling.

No, Once liquor is bottled it will not improve with age. Aging refers to the mellowing process that is done in oak barrels before it is filtered and bottled.

It depends on the drink. Bottle-conditioned beers will contiue to improve with age for up to 25 years; sterile beers such as Dudweiser will deteriorate and become unpalatable after just a few months.

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