How can I make herbal blend at home on my own?!

Question: How can I make herbal blend at home on my own?


Here is a look at the steps you can take to make your own.

?You'll need the herbs you want, essential oils, matches, a dish that has sand, charcoal that is odorless, and a mortar and pestle.
?Find fresh ones that smell good to you.
?You'll probably have to experiment a bit to get the smell that really appeals to you the most.
?This way you don't damage the plants' aromatic properties.
?Then mix all your herbs together and add in a bit of essential oil if you think it will make the incense smell better to you.
?It is best to store it for two weeks in a container that is airtight and placed in a place that is dark, dry, and cool.
?This way all the aromas are able to blend together.
?Then put in some charcoal on the sand.
?Light your charcoal. Once it is lighted, sprinkle a bit of your incense on top of the charcoal.
?It will heat up the incense and you will quickly begin to smell it as the charcoal begins to get hotter.
hope it will help

take some herbs that taste good together, and mix them:

parsley, rosemary, thyme: good for poultry
basil, oregano, parsley: good italian blend for pizza, etc

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