Describe one of your worst hangovers?!

Question: Describe one of your worst hangovers?
I would say the day after my sisters wedding night, there was an open bar from 6 to 10 and I had countless drinks and shots. Got home at 5am had to be at work at 7am AND I had to clean up the hall my sister got married in (she got married where I was working at the time)


Once I ended getting so blind drunk, getting into a fight on a bus and got my *** whooped, got home and had to work 4 hours later.

I was raised on an island in the south pacific but was living overseas, as were 2 of my close friends. We had arranged to make our yearly trip back to the island at the same time. We met for drinks and nibbles at a bar we used to frequent. Upon arriving we ordered our first drinks - I ordered a long island iced tea. While there, friends would walk in and be surprised that we were on-island and in the excitement order another round for our table. By the end of the night I had drunk about 8 long island iced teas between the plethora of beers and shots I HAD to drink to get rid of the iced tea taste... at the end of the night I was so drunk I got one of them to drive me to mcdonalds to order some chicken wings which they tell me took 2 hours to eat - she sat patiently waiting for me to eat them and still feel guilty for it. Anyhow, the next day I TRIED to wake up but I just physically couldn't move so lay in bed all day with a throbbing headache (it felt like one big electric shock all over my brain). About 24 hours later I was able to move but I felt like death reincarnated - so glad I haven't experienced that a second time!

my 30th B-day was the worst thing because guests came one after another, let me explain, it was like one person came and she says " I came early because I can only stay for an hour because I have smt very important to do" So then she leaves, and another two people come and they are like "Today we have another b-day to attend so we are here a little earlier and only for an hour" Then they leave and another two more people come after half an hour, so in the evening the table is like only two people and myself and I spent all these money for catering, etc.

My roommates and I started drinking beer at 2:00 on a Friday afternoon, and continued 'til about 5:00. We then went to a party, where I drank whiskey until late at night. Shortly after we got home, I puked my guts out for a long time. Then came the worst headache in history. My hangover lasted all weekend, and all I wanted to do was die.

You wakeup covered in vomit, your head is pounding, your body hurts so bad that it hurts to breath, you open your eyes and there's no light, you're blind for alcohol poison. This has never happened to me but it's the worst hangover I can imagine.

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