Do I seriously already have a issue?!

Question: Do I seriously already have a issue?
I've been drinking a cup of whiskey and a shot of liquor every night the past 5 nights.....My friend says I'm already an alcoholic but I laughed in her face because I don't believe you can become one that fast,I mean it runs in my family strong but still...


Have you tried a night without it? If you can't stop, let's just say that you have an issue, and better you realize it now rather than later!

It can sneak up on you when you least expect it, IE, when you think there is no problem. I come from a long line of alcaholics on both sides of my family, which is why I watch what I drink and how much. I use to buy a bottle of whine once a week and drink one glass a night. This didnt make me an alcaholic, but it is possible for that kind of drinking to take a bad turn. Also, I would stay away from strong alcahols if you think there may be something to worry about. And try cuting down to one or two nights a week and not getting drunk when you do, but just enough to relax. If you get a strong craving for it and cant wait for the one or two nights that you have a drink, this may be a sign that you are prone to alcaholism.

alcoholism runs in my family as well, and im gunna have to say yes.. your starting to become addicted, just take it easy

You have certainly become dependant on it ...

you probably have one developing...not being rude or mean or anything

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