How much drinking is too much?!

Question: How much drinking is too much?
I'm on my own now and finally old enough to drink. I come from a large family full of alcoholics, so I'm very aware of the dangers and health risks of drinking. I wonder though, how much drinking is "normal" or "healthy"? I wonder if my idea of how much is too much is skewed by how much I'm around it.

I don't like the feeling of being drunk, so I rarely have more than one or two drinks in a day. If it's a nightcap, I'll have one small drink before bed. Otherwise I drink with or after dinner, and rarely alone. I generally don't drink more than 3 days a week, unless it's vacation. I don't think it's much, but my mom is all freaked that I'm "becoming an alcoholic too" (she refuses to drink at all because of family history). Does it sound like a lot?


As much as you want to be scared by 'scientific' dangers of alcohol, A glass of wine or beer a day just gives you a slightly more relaxed end to the day and has many vitamins and minerals rarely in common food. Alike with smoking its genetic wether alcohol has a negative effect on your body, addiction aside, if your family has history of liver failure as well then you should definately keep to how much your currently drinking as this is not too much. Many people For example my mum drink 3 or 4 beers a night and is perfectly capable of controlling it, all in moderation youll be fine. Dont be afraid of your family history, the way genetics work your just as likely to be perfectly fine with drinking. Research has proved that addiction can be linked to the way your brought up not in your genes and so because of your respect and understanding of alcohol you could be fine. try to keep it casual not a habbit and good luck

As far as I know, wine has healthy antioxidants so a glass of wine per night is considered "healthy." Beyond that, I don't think any other form of drinking is considered healthy. So if you're going to stick with a bit of wine, that's fine. I'd stay away from much of anything else unless it's for some event.

it depends on how much you can take, and when you start feeling buzzed.

When your body can't handle anymore or when you think you should stop. Or when it feels like your about to be sick.

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