the flavor my tatiana cigar wasnt potent was it because i used a cigerate lighter?!

Question: The flavor my tatiana cigar wasnt potent was it because i used a cigerate lighter?

Actually, the source of fire you use WILL have some impact on the flavor of your smoke. However, it should only matter for the first several draws through the cigar.

For example, if you light with matches and don't give the match a moment to burn after you strike it, you can get a strong sulfur taste as you take your first few draws. If you light with a Zippo lighter, you're likely to get a strong chemical taste at first. regular cigarette lighters or bic lighters are likely to have the least impact on the flavor. Otherwise, when you use a match, give it a moment to burn before touching the cigar.

It sounds like, if after a puff or two, you weren't getting the right flavor, it probably is NOT because of the lighter you were using.

really really doubt that. Fire by any other source would render the same result...a lit cigar. how old was the cigar? how cheap was the cigar? where did you keep it before smoking it?

sure, use a flame thrower next time

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