Why do people make such a bid deal about beer brands of the same type?!

Question: Why do people make such a bid deal about beer brands of the same type?
for example beers that are pale lagers all taste about the same-
budweiser, fosters, heineken, pabst blue ribbon, miller high life, etc.

actually the only difference in that group is high life has a lot more fizziness (carbonation) than the others. But taste wise why do people make a big deal?


Bud, PBR taste similar to each other. Miller, to me has a different taste, and most certainly Heineken and Fosters don't taste anything like the others or each other. I think Heineken has a very unique taste that you either love or hate.

The main flavor element in different beers of the same style (pilsner for example) is the yeast used to ferment it.

people have differenrt taste and to them bud taste better then miller and to the people like miller it taste better then bud. people just have different taste

I find a vast difference in flavor between the brands you mention so I would say it is a subjective interpretation

ppl are weird

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