drank vodka and dont know if theres gunna be any side effects?!

Question: Drank vodka and dont know if theres gunna be any side effects?
i drank vodka after being bullied on facebook by some people, as i was near breaking point when they kept sayin stuff about how my aunty with cancer is gunna die soon. it said triple distilled on the bottle and i drank 2 half pints full but 3/4 of them was schewppes lemonade adn 1/4 was vodka? I want to go to my uncles with my sister to see her new car but dont know if theres gunna be side affects when im there? im burpin alot but i dont know if thats from the lemonade.


Haha Cheers!

You will get drunk and pass out. Or puke and pass out.

your fine, don't worry about it.

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