Is it possible to drink lava?!

Question: Is it possible to drink lava?
If the lava cools into mud is it possible to drink lava mud or bath in it. I thought when lava cools it becomes mud sometimes.


Lave returns to rock when cooled but can be ground into powder then mixed with water but then you have concrete

And that would kill you if you drink it, but to bath in sure just not ket it dry

No you cannot its too hot and you cannot drink a rock ounce it hardens man,unless you have one sick blender/smoothie maker ,but no one is stooping you.

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REAL lava??? NO! Lava is molten ROCK, and when it cools it becomes solid and ROCK. Now, unless you have found a way to make it mud instead, the answer is... no.

I made that last part up myself. – Thumper

When lava cools, it turns to stone. You can drink stone at huge heats...but then it's lava Again, and too hot to even get near, and we are back to square one.

Basically, you can't drink lava.

It doesn't become mud, it solidifies creating rock. Therefore it is simply too hard to drink or bathe in.

Earth Science

It is impossible.

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