How much sugar goes into a 5 gallon batch?!

Question: How much sugar goes into a 5 gallon batch?
For ole time sake, I want to make a 5 gal. batch of jailhouse wine using canned peaches and canned mixed fruit, yeast....I just wanted to know how much sugar would be recommended?


They way that you actually do it is to make a simple syrup which is equal portions of sugar and water that you melt together in a saucepan. Ta da, simple syrup.

As you are using canned fruit, I would start with maybe 1 cup of simple syrup for a 5 gallon batch. Beyond that, I would add it to taste. (More often than not a tart juice like cranberry is used [so that it looks like wine] and that requires quite a bit more simple syrup to take the tartness away.

The good thing is that simple syrup can be held under refrigeration indefinitely, so you can make a quart, use what you need and keep the leftovers covered in the refrigerator.

I hope this helps

25 lbs. ought to do you.

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