whats your opinion on drinking?!

Question: Whats your opinion on drinking?
im curious the USA has the highest drinking age in the world (that im aware of) and was woundering do you think its okay to drink when your underage cause you can buy cancer packs (cigarettes) but you cant drink a glass of wine at dinner or beer watching the game. opinions? i think its rediculous that you can go kill yourself in the army and smoke cigs but you cant buy a 6 pack


With alcohol, kids and even young adults aren't mature enough to know when to stop. They barely make decent decisions as it is, much less when they've been impaired by drinking. At least with cigarettes, the mind isn't so impaired.

I love when people ask this question because I get to pull this fact out of my pocket.
The U.S. has the lowest drunk driving accident rate in the world for drivers between the ages of 18-21.
So having a higher drinking age is a good thing.

But to answer your question. When I was 18 I thought I should be able to drink legally. But now that I am older (31). I realize how immature and stupid I was, so it was probably good that I couldn't go to bars. I still drank, but it was usually at someones house, so I wouldn't have to drive home after wards.

Cigarettes don't impair you ability to drive a car. beer does.
Smoking only hurts you. Driving drunk kills other people also.

Yah I agree, I think either they make it so you can't buy cigs & drink or you cant buy any
I don't drink or smoke but drinking isn't so bad as long as you don't drink too much & act like a fool :/

I agree with you.

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