What is an acceptable age to get drunk at?!

Question: What is an acceptable age to get drunk at?
I'm 16, and I am an.."average drinker", I drink when there's a reason to or there's a celebration :)
Where I live the legal age is 18. But personally I think getting drunk at 14 is wrong..though, I've been told that's hypocritical, but I didn't drink until I was 15 and I'd say that was too young..opinions?

Oh, and/or include your favorite drink, the age you were when you first got drunk (if you drink) and does anyone know if it would spoil the taste of scotch whiskey, if you mix multiple brands?


If you're going to be responsible and not drive then I'd say 16. The US has one of the highest drinking ages in the world but that's only because the people here are idiots. It's like the US is the land of hedonism.

I prefer some Jack Daniels over ice. That's the best way to drink it. Or American Honey over ice. I first got drunk from hot coors light we found in my neighbors boat haha. I was about 14 then I'd say. It was my brothers' idea and they were 16 and 17. I only drink a glass or 2 at a time now. I don't enjoy getting drunk or getting a headache the next morning. It's not worth it at all when I could just smoke a bowl and have an even better time!

I've visited France a lot and there is no drinking age there as long as you're with your parents. I got to buy a bottle of champagne for New Years when I was 16 and that was awesome. If Americans weren't so dumb and irresponsible then the drinking age would be lower. After seeing how much more mature the 10 year olds that are allowed to drink are compared to the 16,17,18 year olds and even grown adults in America, I was very disappointed to say I was born and raised here. It is nothing in Europe for everyone at dinner to have wine. The first time I was in France I was 12 and was served wine at dinner and didn't know how to react! You can buy it when you're 16 there and they still have less alcohol abuse than we do.

Born and raised in USA; travelled a lot.

In my opinion the legal age limit is when it's ok to get drunk, but do it maturely and with some smarts, (don't go driving, etc I've known you've heard it all before) anyway Yes I think 15 is too young and in my own opinion I think 18 is too young too. Where I am 21 is the age limit and I think that is more appropriate. My favorite alcoholic beverage is Crown Royal. And no I don't know.

Everyone on here is going to say the legal age. Here in ontario its 19 but i have different beliefs. When your 16 it may not be healthy to drink but at 21 or 19 its not much different at all. Plus the cognitive part of your brain has already developed a fair bit, so you can make safe decisions. I got drunk my first time at 14 i think. Yeah i think that's too young, but 16 is fine. Your smart enough to not make stupid decisions i hope but dont drink too often. Anyways yes, mixing different brands of scotch is bad. Some may be single malts and others may be blended batches (yuck). my favourite drink is a nice rum and coke or for a party drink 4 shots vodka + 4 shots of hypnotic. You get messy fast.

An acceptable age to get drunk is the legal age to drink the age is set for a reason young immature people shouldn't be getting drunk.

Why would you want to get drunk, It best to not drink, you keep drinking and it will destroy your liver

i say 16 or 18 a good age to drink but my favorite drink is a magnum hands down a bad *** beer

Smoke weed instead. No headache in the morning and you do not have a mouth like Gandhi's flip flop in the morning either.

Fluffy bud rules!!!!

never. drunk ppl act stupid and immature and can cause fatal accidents.

getting drunk is not acceptale at any age



All depends on how long you want to live. An occasional drinker who starts in the teen years by the time they are 47 they are old age. They get cirrhosis of the liver, hepatitis C and a host of other ailments. It is very hard on the liver and it swells giving them a barrel stomach that lasts as long as they do. So while you can get alcohol and you can drink alcohol at any age at any time.
Is it really a good idea? Wouldn't eating fruit and having this to die for complexion better than some red faced, red nose pasty green and yellow color better than being able to stay drunk?

Also, being drunk is worse than using a cell phone as far as the law is concerned and you can go to jail. Kill a car load of people who are not drinking and ruin your life.

getting drunk is the worst way to enjoy spirits.
don't think about it in terms of law or social rules. these will not help you when you get yourself in trouble or harm others cause you're drunk.
here are few advices:
1=never drink alone or in large groups. (you'll get in troubles either way)
2=stick to bear. avoid the rest unless it is a special occasion.
3= don't drink in your room, lonely places, empty spaces: choose nice/cheerful/talkative friend (one two friends) to drink with .
4= timing: the best time is from lunch up to dinner time (1 pm..... 9/10pm) early morning or late evening drinking is suicide.( I MEAN IT!)
5= NEVER: drink before driving, work, school or meeting somebody important to you.... Never...
you should teach yourself that drinking is a way to relax after doing the right work, and not a tool to help do the right work.

concerning your question about mixing.... well it is strictly personal. I won't recommend it though...
stay safe.

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