im trying to lose weight and i like to drink alcohol what would be the best to drink?!

Question: Im trying to lose weight and i like to drink alcohol what would be the best to drink?
sometimes i can drink whiskey ( jack daniels crown royal only i drink) straight but some days i cant wine fattening or is there something else i can drink that has the least empty calories


You can drink any distilled spirit (rum, gin, vodka, etc.) with a diet mixer, like Crystal Light or Diet Sprite, for no additional calories. Wine has more calories, and more of it is needed to feel the same effect you get from spirits, so it's not particularly diet-friendly. You can make wine spritzers with seltzer (no additional calories, hydrates you) but it does lower the ABV of the drink. They're tasty in the summer, though.

I'm a sommelier and alcohol educator.

are you out of your mind??!!! there is no way alcohol can help you to lose weigh, that is just impossible and ridiculous! if alcohol can really help lose weight, people would have done it long time ago!

you drink tea to lose weight! tea speeds up your metabolism and shed off those weight!!
check out this site:

i'm a tea drinker!!!

In order to be fit or lose weight you do not need to control in alcohol if you take the balanced diet and have the regular exercises daily. Just try to avoid the meat with fat.

my own opinion which i always follow.

Alcohol has calories so any alcoholic drink is no good.

Try a Gin and Tonic with diet tonic and a few drops of gin around the rim. Smells like a G&T but no calories.

vodka and grapefruit

...Vodka on ice.

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