Which drink is most suitable for a beginner?!

Question: Which drink is most suitable for a beginner?
I have never drank alcohol before despite being 23 this year. The most I had was sips of wine. Will be going to a karaoke session this sunday and I plan to get myself a little tipsy before I gather my courage to confess to this guy I like. Which one of these would taste sweetest? I cannot stand bitter stuff.

Gin lime
Vodka (7-UP, Ribena or lime)
Rum coke



Agree with Lisa - don't drink to gain the courage to ask the guy, because it could backfire... it may become "You only asked me because you're drunk, so, uh, no."

But to answer your question, a rum and coke would be sweetest of these three options, but a mojito would be sweeter than all of them, well-made.

dont drink for courage. find it within yourself to have courage.

Rum and coke. 30ml shot of rum in a glass and fill the rest of the glass with coke, enjoy!

Don't drink.You will be addicted to the alcohol.

Ameretto and coke is the best

Rum and Coke, (2/3 Coke)

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