Do you drink beer ????????yaaaaaaakjashdkja?!

Question: Do you drink beer ????????yaaaaaaakjashdkja?
I have never drunk any beer or whiskey. i dont even know what it tastes like. what are the cons of drinking beer. my friend drinks beer everyday and he has a really big stomach.


its well worth a try. personally i love beer (the good stuff not the crap like bud light). the cons would be the amount of calories (beer has similar amount of calories to pop) and of course the obvious intoxication risk if your drinking more then you should. as has been said here for many people its an acquired taste for me i liked it basically as soon as i tried it. if you want to try it for the first time i would go with kilkenny's it vary smooth easy drinking irish cream beer with a decent bit of flavor on it. has a tad of a bitter finish but i know people who hate beer who are still willing to have a pint of it.

as for whiskey thats an acquired taste took me 3 or 4 tries before i really started to like it. but if your wanting to give it a try search google for a brand thats described as sweet, fruity, nutty, and most of all very smooth (this is what almost everybody develops a taste for whiskey with)

Beer will not taste good the first time you try it. It is a taste that you have to acquire. Drinking moderately is actually healthy (relaxes you) but there are limits. Really, the biggest con when it comes to beer is when it is combined with driving. Try do drink beer for the taste, and not the buzz.


kill your liver.

it taste like it smells

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