how come i dont have hangovers and side effects after i get drunk?!

Question: How come i dont have hangovers and side effects after i get drunk?
i noticed that every time when i drink a pretty good amount of vodka or other alcohol, and get drunk, i never expirience any after effects or morning hangovers.
also im 16, and i dont wanna be lectured about the topic just stick to my question


It's mainly because you're 16. Your body is in metabolic overdrive, so short-term damage is largely repaired by the processes causing you to grow and develop. As you get older, you'll feel it, believe me. And the more you drink at your age, the faster and harder it will hit you later.

this question gets asked a lot by kids, like yourself.

well you are young, I never got hangovers at first. give it time as you get older you will experience a great hangover. you will be sick and you will vomit and wretch and dry heave. your head will feel like it is about to explode. your legs will feel shaky and weak.

your body armor will wear thin eventually. enjoy it while it lasts young man.

I've never gotten hangovers either. If you drink a lot of non-alcoholic fluids and eat a meal after you get drunk, it will lessen your chance of having a hangover the next day.

I am 45 and just started doing Vodka. I do not get them too its because its the perfect alcohol. not like the brown crap that will make you sick. enjoy while you can.

Because you're 16. Wait until you're 30 and get really loaded, then see how you feel the next day. Trust me, it won't be pretty.

I didn't get hangovers until i hit 26 and then i got hangovers that compensated for the years before.

your not drinking nearly enough, keep practicing, youll be feeling like crap in no time.

Some kids at 16, (not all), think they can fly.

You. Are. GOD.....

YOU are very lucky

consider it a blessing.......for now!

know one ever gets hang over at 1st

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